How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?

Written by stephanie sigafoos
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How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?
(DVD control panel with a STOP sign image by Peter Ivanov from

A DVD player, like any other piece of electronic equipment, requires occasional maintenance so that it will continue to run smoothly. A build-up of dust, animal hair, dander, pollen and other particles in the air can ultimately cause the machine to malfunction. Cleaning a DVD player inside and out is not only an easy process, but can eliminate disk errors, frame shifts and video and audio degradation often associated with a decrease in DVD performance.

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Things you need

  • DVD player
  • Electronics microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Can of compressed air
  • Bulb and blower brush
  • DVD laser lens cleaner disc

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  1. 1

    Unplug the DVD player from the electrical socket and disconnect it from the television and any other appliances it may be plugged into.

    How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?
    Unplug electronics before attempting to clean them. (Electric Plug image by JJAVA from
  2. 2

    Clean the outside of the DVD player with an electronics microfiber cloth, removing dust, dirt and other particles that may have built up on the outside of the unit.

    How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?
    Microfiber cleaning cloth. (Microfiber Towel - Folded image by MrGreenBug from
  3. 3

    Remove the outer casing of the DVD player by using the screwdriver to undo all screws in the top and the sides of the unit before sliding back the top and lifting it up to remove it.

    How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?
    A Phillips head screwdriver should fit the screws on a DVD player (screwdriver image by Aleksandr Lukin from
  4. 4

    Use the can of compressed air to blow away any dust and dirt inside the DVD player, paying special attention to the instructions printed on the can and following them closely.

    How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?
    Compressed air dusters are used to clean all types of electronics (air sec image by thierry planche from
  5. 5

    Sweep away any leftover particles by using the blower brush. This bulb-and-brush combination will also reach any smaller spaces inside the device and won't damage the inside of the DVD player.

    How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?
    Standard blower brush (blower brush image by Brett Mulcahy from
  6. 6

    Replace the cover on the DVD player and attach it to the television before plugging it back into the electrical socket.

  7. 7

    Run the laser lens cleaner in the DVD player.

    How do I Clean a DVD Recorder & Player?
    (dvd image by Tatu from
  8. 8

    Clean any DVD you want to play in the machine by first wiping it with a lint-free cloth, such as the microfiber cloth, running it from the centre of the disc to the edge in straight lines, according to Toshiba.

Tips and warnings

  • Cigarette smoke is a leading cause of malfunction and breakdown of DVD players and recorders. If you live in a smoke-friendly household, your DVD player should be cleaned more frequently than the once a year as suggested by most manufacturers.
  • DVD players are also affected by the temperature and humidity of an environment. It may be best to unplug any unit left in an area with high temperatures or exposed to direct sunlight so that condensation does not build up inside the DVD player.
  • Laser lens cleaner discs are available at electronics and office supply stores, though you should contact the DVD manufacturer if you have questions about what product is best for the unit.
  • Removing the outer casing of the DVD could void the warranty. It is best to check with the manufacturer before attempting to clean the inside of the DVD player.
  • According to Panasonic, you should never use alcohol, paint thinner, benzine or any other abrasive liquid on the outside or inside of the DVD player. Liquids can corrode and short-circuit parts of the unit.
  • Do not use cans of compressed air without reading the instructions printed on the side of the can. Spraying the can directly at the unit or shaking the can while in use could cause liquid to leak out, damaging the DVD player.

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