How do I train to be an mbti practitioner?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment helps people learn what type of personality they have and how they can best relate to other people. Human resources departments often offer the MBTI assessment to employees of the company. Certain certifications are required to become an MBTI practitioner. Practitioners could work in human resources or for a consulting firm that specialises in delivering these types of assessments.

Complete a four-year degree along with a class in the interpretation of psychological assessments and measurements. If you do not have a degree, it is still possible to become certified.

Discover your own Myers-Briggs personality type. Enrol in a course, through your job or another career counselling service that allows you to take the MBTI and learn about what the different types mean. Taking courses that offer other personalty assessments, like the DISC assessment, will help you understand personality assessments as a whole. Going through one of the MBTI courses before you decide to acquire a certificate and become a practitioner helps you understand what a participant will be thinking when they enrol in one of your courses in the future.

Enrol in a Myers-Briggs certification program with an organisation, such as CPP or the American Management Association. Certification can cost as much as £1,105 for a four-day training course, as of 2010. The certification program teaches you to administer the test, distinguish between the different personality types for the participants, verify peoples' types and coordinate activities to demonstrate. These programs are the only way to become certified to administer the test if you do not have a four-year degree.

Practice administering the assessment. If your job offers courses, ask the human resources department if you could lead a session for some of the employees. Ask non-profit organisations and local community groups if they need your services and offer them for free. This will help you practice administering the test. If you work in human resources, ask a fellow employee who administers tests if you can sit in on a class and help teach.

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