How do I trap a thief?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you own a business or feel someone is stealing from you, it could be important to trap the thief before you lose valuable assets. A money drawer is an easy way to trap a thief, since cash is tempting for employees or individuals. After trapping the thief, it is important to determine the best route for prosecution if you decide that is the best option. Assuming you are sure someone is stealing form you, here is how you trap a thief in an inexpensive, effective manner.

Install a micro camera in a discreet location. A micro camera is available at your local electronics store or spy supply store. Catching a thief on video provides undeniable proof.

Use an invisible ink pen--available for purchase online--and write on paper money if the thief is taking money. Use a specific mark or name on the money that is easity recognisable. Place the money in the cash drawer about halfway in the stack of money.

Check the cash drawer throughout the day when the employee or suspect is not watching. Count the money and see if the baited money is gone. If so, ask the suspected thief if she has any idea where the money may have gone.

Ask him to remove the money from his pockets. If he is in agreement, you have the right to check the money for the invisible ink. Otherwise, your policy must state specifically that anyone working for you must be willing to succumb to a search.

Contact local law enforcement to assist while checking the money for your ink marks. Use a black light to identify the invisible ink.


Create a work policy that allows you to have a suspect show the contents of her pockets. Have the employee sign the agreement upon being hired.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera
  • Invisible ink
  • Black light
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