How to Connect a Laptop to SCART TV

Updated April 17, 2017

Laptop computers are great for taking with you and are powerful enough to be used as your everyday computing instead of needing a desktop computer. However, the portability of a laptop comes at a price since the smaller glossy screens make it difficult to enjoy what you are watching. Luckily, laptops can be connected to different monitors, such as compatible Scart TVs. With these you can connect the two and watch your videos on a clear TV set.

Examine the S cable port of your laptop. Take notice of the connection pattern, then look at the S cable plug on the S video cable. Turn the S cable plug the correct way to match the plug with the port and plug the S cable plug into the port. If the plug does not fit in the port, do not force it in. Instead, re-examine the position of the plug and try again. Forcing in an S cable plug can damage the plug.

Plug the red plug of the 3.5mm audio to RCA cable into the red port of the S video to Scart adaptor and plug the white plug into the white port. Plug the single, black-ended plug into the green audio port of the laptop computer. The 3.5mm audio to RCA cable will transfer the audio from the computer to the TV.

Plug the S video to Scart adaptor into the Scart port on the TV. If the computer's images display on the TV ,you are done. If it doesn't, restart the computer so the computer can boot with the TV connected to it.

Things You'll Need

  • S video to Scart adaptor
  • S video cable
  • 3.5mm audio to RCA cable
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