How to Search eBay History

Updated April 17, 2017

Searching eBay history can help you develop winning strategies for buying and selling. eBay keeps a recent history of your completed transactions, while PayPal has a complete list of your monetary eBay history. Search eBay completed listings to compare prices and gauge your chance of success at bidding or selling. View individual users' profiles to determine what their history of activity is. Size up the competition to increase your chance of saving or making the most money possible.

Go to eBay's website. Log in to your eBay account.

Click on "My eBay" on the top right. Click on "Account" to view activity within the past 31 days.

Click on "Feedback" and scroll through for information on your purchases and sales history.

Click on "View Account History." Log in to your PayPal account to view your history of purchases and payments.

Go to eBay's website. Log in to your account.

Click on "Advanced Search."

Put a check in the "Completed listings" box. Type in your keyword to search the history on completed auctions.

Go to eBay's website. Search for an item of interest. Click on a listing to view item details.

Click on the seller's user name. Click on the number to the right of the user's name, which is a link to the user's public profile.

Scroll through feedback to view the user's history. Feedback under 90 days old will offer detailed view of items, while feedback older than 90 days will show only feedback, ratings and dates of transactions.

Click "View more options," then "View ID history." This page contains the seller's user identification.

Go to eBay's website. Log in to your eBay account.

Search for an item of interest. Click on the listing. If the item has any bids on it, you will see a link to bid history near the top of the listing.

Click on "Bid history." For privacy reasons, you will only see anonymous user IDs. Click on the "bidder" link for a 30-day summary of the anonymous user's bidding activity.

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