How to Get the Paddle Out of Bread Baked in a Sunbeam Breadmaker

The paddles (or kneading blades) are the most important part to any brand of bread machine, as they are what mixes the ingredients and knead the dough. The paddles are removable and are attached to the machine through a rotating peg. The paddles can often get stuck in the pan or trapped within the loaf of bread itself. While this situation can be frustrating, it is also easily remedied.

Remove the baking pan from bread machine once the baking cycle is complete. The pan will be hot, so be sure to use oven gloves.

Use rubber spatula to loosen sides of loaf from pan, if necessary.

Turn bread pan upside down onto a cooling rack, cutting board or any other clean, dry surface, and shake pan gently until loaf falls out. The paddles may stay on the pegs in the bottom of the pan. However, if the paddles remain inside the loaf, continue to next step.

Insert chopstick or blunt end of wooden spoon through the bottom of the paddle, and twist gently until the edge of the paddle pushes through the bottom of the loaf. If the paddle remains stuck, continue to next step.

Cut gently through the loaf around the paddle using the knife, being careful not to scratch the non-stick surface of the paddle. Remove paddles, turn loaf right side up, and allow to cool before slicing.


Although oven gloves will be needed, remove the bread from the pan while it is still warm, as the paddles are less likely to remain stuck. Try lightly greasing the paddles before adding ingredients to the pan. The paddles can also be removed from the pan after the breadmaker's dough cycle has finished, and before the baking cycle begins.


Make sure the paddles are removed from the loaf of bread before slicing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Bread ingredients
  • Sunbeam breadmaker, with pan and paddles
  • Oven gloves
  • Cooling rack or cutting board
  • Rubber spatula
  • Chopstick or wooden spoon
  • Knife
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