How to Insert Mathematical Formulas in MS Word

Written by etch tabor | 13/05/2017
How to Insert Mathematical Formulas in MS Word
You can use built-in features of MS Word to insert equations into your documents. (algebra image by Katrina Miller from

If you are writing a paper that requires a mathematical equation, such as a chemistry report or an essay on alegbra, you may need to type out a mathematical equation into your MS Word document. If you are using MS Word 2003 or earlier versions, you can do this by using the Microsoft Equation 3.0 tool. If you are doing this in a newer version of Word, you can use the software's "Equation" and "Symbol" functions.

Move your cursor to where you want to insert the mathematical formula.

Click on the "Insert" tab in the main menu. Select "Object," and then select the "Create New" tab.

Select "Microsoft Equation 3.0" in the "Object Type" box. Click "OK."

Use the Equation Toolbar to select mathematical symbols for your formula. More than 150 symbols are available. Use your keyboard to insert numbers and letters.

Exit the Microsoft Equation 3.0 box by clicking on the body of the Word document.

Click your mouse cursor where you want to insert a mathematical formula.

Click on Word's "Insert" tab on the main toolbar.

Select "Symbols" and then click the arrow under the word "Equation."

Click "Insert New Equation." You will still have access to the "Symbols" drop-down menu.

Type your equation using your keyboard and the symbols available in the "Symbols" drop-down menu.

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