How to Reopen an MSN Hotmail Account

If your Hotmail account has been disabled, it is likely for one of two reasons. When your account has been inactive for 270 days, it is deactivated and all contacts and e-mails are deleted. If it is inactive for a full 365 days, the account is deleted, and the user name may be claimed by someone else. Another reason your account may be closed is for a violation of the terms of service, such as spamming or abuse.

Visit the Hotmail website and sign in using your Hotmail e-mail address and password.

Click "Activate My Account." Accept the Hotmail terms of use on the next page.

Select the option to sign up for a free Hotmail account. Click "Continue" on the following two screens to complete the reactivation of your account.

Visit the Windows Live Email Support site using the link in Resources.

Enter the address of your closed Hotmail account in the first text box. In the second text box, enter an e-mail address at which you can be reached with the response to your ticket.

Select the appropriate response from the drop-down menu. Click "Continue" to submit your ticket. Print or write down the confirmation number on the next page in case you need to contact the support team about your ticket.


If you haven't received a response to your support ticket within 24 hours, check your spam folder.


If your account has been inactive for a year or longer, it can no longer be reactivated.

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