How to Connect a PC to a TV Using an RGB Cable

Updated July 20, 2017

Running your PC video through your television is an excellent way to enjoy Internet videos on your big screen. But most computers aren't equipped with HDMI outputs yet, and not all televisions have a VGA input for your PC. Instead, purchase a VGA to RGB adaptor that allows you to plug one end of your cable into the VGA output on your computer, and the other end into a component input on your television. The picture is flawless and the process is easy.

Turn off your television and computer.

Unscrew and unplug your existing VGA connector from the back of your computer. If your computer tower is already located within three feet of your television, skip to Step 4. If your computer tower is not located within three feet of your television, proceed to Step 3.

Unplug any wires from your computer tower and move your tower closer to your television.

Plug all of the wires back into your computer except for the old VGA cable, which is likely connected to your old monitor.

Plug the VGA end of your VGA to RGB component cable into the VGA output located on the back of your computer. This slot should be clearly labelled.

Plug the RGB end of the VGA to RGB component cable into an available component cable input on your television.

Turn on your television and your computer.

Scroll through the inputs on your television until you arrive to the input that corresponds with where you plugged the RGB component cables into your television. You can now fully operate your computer on your television.

Plug a set of white and red audio cables into the standard audio output located on your computer's sound card on the back of your computer or your external sound card.

Plug the other end of the audio cables into the audio input that corresponds with the component input where you plugged the video for you PC into your computer.

Play an audio file to test and make sure the computer audio is coming out of your television speakers.


If you are introducing a lot of new electronic equipment to the area around your television, consider plugging everything into a an uninterruptible power supply. A UPS will keep all of your electronic equipment protected in the event of a power failure or lightening storm. Most computers don't have standard audio outputs on the internal sound card. To run sound from your PC to your television, consider getting an external sound card.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA to RGB component cable
  • External sound card
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