How to make a ghillie rifle wrap

Updated July 19, 2017

Gillie suits provide effective camouflage for military uses and hunting, but the suit covers your body while the straight lines of your rifle still stand out. You need a gillie rifle wrap to break up its outline with camouflage. You can make this wrap with easily found items, most of them stocked by military surplus and sports stores. The quality of the wrap depends entirely on the amount of time your willing to spend constructing it.

Cut out two square pieces of netting with the scissors. One must be large enough to wrap around the stock of your rifle. The other piece of netting should be large enough to wrap around the foregrip and barrel of your rifle. Cut an optional third piece to cover a scope if you have one on your rifle.

Pull individual threads out of the camouflage burlap. Burlap comes apart pretty easily but it will take time to pull enough threads out to construct a gillie rifle wrap. Start with pulling 200 threads but you may have to pull more later to complete the wrap. Each thread should be about 30 cm (1 foot) long.

Tie five threads of camouflage burlap at a time to the squares of netting. Each 30 cm (1 foot) long bundle of five threads should be pulled halfway through the netting and then tied tightly into a square knot, leaving two 15 cm (6 inch) bundles of thread attached to the netting. Continue tying bundles of five threads next to each other on the netting until the netting is covered in bundles of burlap thread.

Wrap the squares of netting, with bundles of burlap threads attached, around the stock of the rifle and the barrel of the rifle. If you constructed a patch of netting for your scope, wrap that piece around the scope.

Secure the squares of camouflaged netting with black cable ties. Loop a couple of cable ties around the whole rifle stock in two places and around the barrel and foregrip in two places to secure the gillie rifle wrap. If you are using cable ties to secure a gillie wrap around your scope, be sure you can still see through the scope when it is secured.


The more time you spend tying bundles of burlap threads to the netting and the closer together you tie the bundles, the better your ghillie rifle wrap will work.


Take care the ghillie wrap doesn't interfere with the action of the rifle or obscure the sights of the rifle.

Things You'll Need

  • Camouflage burlap
  • Black netting (volleyball, for example)
  • Black cable ties
  • Scissors
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