How to Retrieve Withheld Mobile Phone Numbers

When you receive a call from a withheld number on a mobile phone, it may be from a prankster or someone making a nuisance of himself. You have a few choices to find out who the number belongs to if your phone is repeatedly being called by a private mobile phone number. You may have to ask for legal assistance or talk to the police to find the number you are looking for.

Jot down the times and dates you receive the calls. This information will help you remember when the calls occurred and will be a written record of the harassment you are receiving.

Call your phone company. Tell the representative you have been receiving repeated calls from a withheld cell phone number. Ask the representative to tell you the number and any other relevant information. The representative may ask you to provide evidence of a legal order to obtain the information about the phone number. Find out your phone company's method of dealing with giving out withheld numbers before you call so you are prepared with any necessary orders or documents.

Call the police. See what processes and help may be available for consumers who receive such calls. The police may also refer you to outside resources that will allow you to remove your number from telemarketers' call lists, such as the nationwide Do Not Call Registry. The police may take a report and give you information about obtaining a legal order to give to the phone company. The police may also help you trace the call.

Utilise applications and programs that route withheld numbers to a service company that can unlock the number. Some of these services may use your mobile phone to send withheld calls to the service provider who then finds the caller's information and sends it back to your mobile phone.


You can set your phone to block anonymous calls.


Some of these services may not adhere to every privacy law. Validate the legality of any service you use to trace mobile phone calls.

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