How to Heat a Bird Perch

Updated April 17, 2017

Like most pets, birds require a stable temperature to maintain optimal health. Some tropical birds, such as parrots, are used to a warm natural habitat where air conditioners and frigid weather do not exist. To ensure your winged critter will live a long healthy life, it’s often recommended that you provide a heated bird perch.

Use a heat lamp to warm the bird perch. A heat lamp can be placed in the bird cage to give off a constant temperature of heat. The lamp can warm the perch and maintain a warm temperature when the weather is cold or to prevent drafts from air conditioning.

Heat the perch with a heat panel. Small heat panels are designed specifically for bird cages. These can heat the perch and the inside of the cage. These panels are great for areas with limited space, because they can be hung on the outside of the cage or on the wall. The temperature can be adjusted to give off even a light heat so it does not dry out the birds feathers.

Purchase a heated bird perch at a local pet store or online marketplace. For example, Amazon, Petsmart and Pets Street Mall offer a wide variety of heated bird perches designed specifically to mimic the attributes of a real tree branch and keep your bird’s feet warm. The heated perch is adjusted by a thermostat, whereas a heat lamp gives off one constant temperature of heat.


Be sure to research the wide range of perch sizes depending on the breed of your bird. For example, a Cockatoo will require a larger perch than a Cockatiel. The wrong perch could contribute to foot cramping and pressure sores.

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