How to Make a Pie Chart for Microsoft Word 2003

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Word is commonly used as a word-processing software. However, it does contain a few features that have been shared throughout numerous versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. One of the shared features is the ability to create a chart. For more complex charting, Microsoft Excel is recommended. However, for simple charts, Microsoft Word 2003 is adequate.

Open Word 2003 on your computer, click "Insert", then "Object" then "Create new". Click on "Microsoft Graph Chart" in the "Object type" box.

Replace the sample data in the datasheet with the desired data, then close the datasheet.

Go to the "Chart" menu, then click on "Chart Type." Choose the pie chart from the options.


To adjust the legend and the chart title, right click on the fields. Resize the chart by clicking and dragging the corner of the chart window. To reopen the datasheet, double-click on the chart.


Review the chart to ensure it is displaying the data properly; perform a "sanity check" on the pie chart to make sure it is accurate and sensible.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office 2003
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