How to Change a Toilet Pump

Updated March 23, 2017

A broken toilet pump prevents a toilet from proper operation. You have to fix this situation quickly because eventually you or someone who resides in your home will have to use the device. If you learn how to change the pump, you do not have to spend the extra funds to hire a repair person to perform the task.

Shut down the water. The hose that lies beneath the tank of your toilet leads to the valve that stops the water flow. Once you get to this valve, shut down the water supply. Get rid of any water present in the toilet with a flush and remove any excess liquid with a strong cloth.

Take off the nut that connects the hose to the lower part of the tank with a channel lock. You also must take out the nut that resides on the actual pump of the device. Use two hands to perform this task so that the pump does not fall on you and cause bodily harm.

Take off the clip that sits on the refill tube. After you get the pump out of the toilet tank, put the new refill tube that you have on a good quality toilet pump you buy. Place the exterior part of the refill tube on the toilet pump nipple so that no part of it is bare. Connect the angle adaptor to the part of the tube that does not have anything in it.

Take out the washers that go with your new toilet pump. Put a single shank washer in the threaded shank. Make sure that it goes in the hole on the lower portion of the tank. Put the shank washer that remains on the threaded shank. Rethread the nut you took off of the threaded shank and make sure it is completely in place.

Connect the pipe that handles overflow to the refill tube with the angle attachment. Put the hose that supplies the toilet water on the threaded shank and ensure it fits securely. Restart the flow of water to your toilet and verify that no water comes out from any part of the toilet. If any liquid drips, ensure that all the parts you put back are secure in their locations.

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