How to make ccleaner not delete passwords

Updated March 23, 2017

CCleaner is a freeware program that allows you to clean your computer’s history to optimise it for best performance. It frees up your hard drive space, cleans your Internet history and cleans your registry. But if you don’t have CCleaner configured correctly, you might end up cleaning more off your computer than you actually want to, such as stored passwords in your Internet browser. Luckily, you can make CCleaner not delete passwords.

Launch CCleaner. Click on the “Windows” tab.

Locate the “Internet Explorer” section.

Remove the checkmark next to “Autocomplete Form History.”

To make CCleaner not delete passwords in other browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, click on the “Applications” tab, locate the section for that browser, and remove the checkmark for the autocomplete history.


If you don’t remove the checkmark form the autocomplete options, CCleaner will delete your passwords and you will have to re-enter them to gain access to some websites again.

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