How to Do Wingdings

Updated February 21, 2017

Wingdings is a font on most computers that use Microsoft Word. The font uses shapes instead of letters. When the friends receive the messages they must convert the wingdings back to a normal font so they can actually read the message. Wingdings also allows the computer user to add symbols such as smiley faces, arrows, ticks and stars, among other shapes and symbols.

Open a blank document on your computer screen by hitting the “Start” menu at the bottom of the screen. Click on “Microsoft Word” and wait for the blank document to pop up on your screen.

Type out any text you want. Proof read your text to make sure everything is correct.

Select all of your text by hitting “Control” and “A” at the same time to highlight the text.

Click on the arrow for the pull down menu for fonts. Scroll down until you get to the Wingdings, or you can just hit “W” to immediately take you to the W section of the fonts.

Click on Wingdings to change all of your text to the Wingdings font.

Open a blank document as you normally would. Type your text until you are ready to insert a symbol. Pull up the wingdings symbol menu by clicking on “Start” and then “All Programs” then “Accessories” and then “System Tools.”

Look for the “Character Map” under the System Tools pull down menu. Click on “Character Map.” Click the arrow for the pull down menu in the font box at the top of the character map box and select “wingdings.”

Choose whatever symbol you desire from the character map by simply hovering your cursor over the symbol and then clicking on it. Hit “Select” at the bottom right hand corner of the character map window. Click “Copy,” which is right next to the “Select” button.

Go back to your document. Place your cursor where you want to insert the wingdings symbol. Click “Control” and “V” to paste the symbol where you need it.


It may take a little bit of practice before you can easily and quickly add wingdings symbols to your text. Open a new document and practice a little if necessary. Notice the keystroke guide in the very bottom right hand corner of the character map box. Memorise and use this keystroke instead of pulling up the character map box for symbols you insert on a regular basis.

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