How to cut stone slabs

Updated February 21, 2017

Stone slabs are not difficult to cut so long as you have the right tools for the job. Though stone is dense and heavy, and can shatter if dropped, it is still fairly simple to cut. The hardest part of cutting stone slabs is figuring out exactly how and where you need to make the cut but, once you do that, you'll finish cutting the stone in no time.

Mark the cut line with a pencil so that it's easy to follow with the saw blade. Place the stone slab on a flat, even and steady surface. For example, if you are cutting a stone slab for tiling, place it on the table of your saw.

Add water to the wet saw, if necessary. Depending on the cut you're making, you may need a small, hand-held wet saw or a large, mitre saw-like wet saw.

Turn on the saw and allow about five to 10 seconds for the blade to get to full speed. Use a diamond blade on the saw, though most wet saws already come with a diamond blade. Check that the saw is spilling water over the blade and on to the slab as you bring the blade down on to the stone or as you cut across the stone with the blade. If the blade and stone are not being watered properly, the heat from the friction created by the blade and stone can damage the blade, the saw or even the stone.

Feed the stone into the blade slowly and accurately to ensure a precision cut on the stone, following the line you marked earlier.

Things You'll Need

  • Cutting table
  • Water
  • Wet saw
  • Diamond blade
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