How to make camo netting

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you want to make camouflage netting for paintball or pretend war games play, you can make the camo netting at home and avoid paying shop prices. By spray-painting your own netting, you control the ratio of one colour to another, allowing you to custom-detail your camo netting to fit the environment. Add more green for forested areas or more brown for desert conditions. Netting is sold by sports, outdoor pursuits and craft shops in both pre-cut sizes and directly from the bolt, measured to your specifications.

Place an old bed sheet on a flat surface outdoors, such as a patio or other level ground. Make sure it's safe to paint on. Spray paint may stick to the surface if you miss the sheet or if the paint seeps through the sheet fabric.

Place your netting on the sheet. If you have a large amount of netting to paint in camouflage colours, you will need to paint the netting in sections unless you have several old sheets. Keep the netting that you're not painting rolled up next to the sheet containing the netting being painted.

Use the khaki spray paint to begin painting. Start in one corner of the netting and spray in a back-and-forth motion in diagonal lines, holding the can's nozzle approximately 30 cm (12 inches) from the net. Space the diagonal lines about a hand's-width apart -- approximately 12.5 cm (5 inches).

Use the olive green spray paint for the next paint layer. Return to the original corner where you began painting. Hold the can's nozzle approximately 37.5 cm (15 inches) away from the net so you'll get a more dispersed paint pattern. Follow the spaced lines between the khaki spray-painted diagonal lines from earlier.

Hold the can at least 60 cm (2 feet) away from the netting and spray random "splotches" measuring from 5 cm (2 inches) wide to 15 cm (6 inches) wide all over the netting. Some straight lines resembling sticks or pieces of wood are fine.

Allow the paint on the netting to completely dry. Add more paint if you want a heavier colour saturation. If you're painting a large amount of netting, unroll the netting over the bed sheet and repeat the process.


Always spray-paint in a well-ventilated area to avoid serious health hazards.

Things You'll Need

  • All-purpose polypropylene netting
  • Matt spray paint (sandstone or light tan)
  • Matt spray paint (olive green)
  • Matt spray paint (dark brown)
  • Old bed sheet
  • Patio or outdoor flat surface
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