How to Get Static Out of Polyester

Known for its strength and resilience, polyester is a popular synthetic fabric used for all types of clothing. Although polyester is resistant to wrinkles, stretching, shrinking and mildew, it does have a tendency toward static cling. Static cling often occurs when polyester rubs against itself or dry skin, generating static electricity. A positive electrical charge on the skin attracts the negative charge on polyester, causing the fabric to cling to skin. You can reduce the static cling of polyester by using this technique.

Fill your washing machine with warm water. Add the standard amount of washing powder as the machine fills.

Place polyester garments in the washing machine. Wash polyester separately or with other synthetic fabrics to prevent static cling.

Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the machine during the final wash cycle to help eliminate static cling.

Remove polyester garments from the washing machine and lay them flat to dry. If using a clothes dryer is necessary, dry the polyester for just 10 minutes using the lowest heat setting. Place a water-dampened washcloth or a dryer sheet in the dryer with polyester garments to prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating.

Rub body lotion over your skin, especially your legs. Moisturising your skin reduces static charges that accumulate as the polyester rubs against your skin.

Glide a metal clothes hanger across the polyester to remove electrical charge from the garment's surface. Metal disrupts and dissipates the static.

Rub a dryer sheet on the polyester garment if static cling persists. Dryer sheets are coated with surfactants that reduce static charge on polyester.

Things You'll Need

  • Laundry soap
  • 1/2-cup white vinegar
  • Washcloth
  • Dryer sheet
  • Body lotion
  • Metal clothes hanger
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