How to clean a rotring rapidograph

Updated February 21, 2017

A Rotring Rapidograph is a pen that has pre-filled, disposable, capillary ink cartridges. The capillary ink cartridges offer consistent ink flow. Rotring Rapidograph pens are designed to require little maintenance. The ink reservoir and breath system are one piece, so once you replace the ink cartridge, the pen gets a new pressure equalisation system. This means little cleaning is required to remove ink.

Unscrew the barrel from the drawing point section by turning it clockwise with your fingers. When it is unscrewed, lift it upward for removal.

Lay a piece of paper or rag flat on a table. Tap the drawing point section onto the paper to remove any ink remaining inside. This is the only cleaning required for ink removal.

Screw off the sleeve of a new capillary cartridge by turning it counterclockwise with your fingers. Only Rotring Radidograph capillaries should be used.

Press the drawing point section into the ink cartridge until the drawing point opens the ink cartridge, or can't be pushed any farther down.

Screw the ink cartridge into the drawing point by turning the drawing point counterclockwise. The ink has now been cleaned and replaced.

Wipe the pen with a damp cloth to remove finger prints.

Things You'll Need

  • Ink cartridge
  • Damp cloth
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