How to get the cigarette smoke smell out of a room

Updated March 23, 2017

Smoke from cigarettes can easily spread throughout a whole room. Even worse, the odour from the smoke can linger on fabrics, walls and surfaces. The odour is one that is easy to detect. Though some fabrics and surfaces are easily washed, others are not. Carpet and upholstery affected by cigarette smoke can be difficult to clean. Before spending hundreds of dollars hiring a professional cleaning service to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, try eliminating the smell yourself.

Open all the windows and bring in fans. Simply ventilating a room can help remove the smell of cigarette smoke.

Clean all nonporous surfaces using a commercial cleaning or deodorising solution. Nonporous surfaces include things such as glass windows, hardwood flooring and metal surfaces.

Wash any linens or fabrics in the washing machine. Take curtains to a professional cleaner if you cannot wash them in the washing machine.

Sprinkle baking soda on any fabrics you cannot wash, such as upholstery or carpet. Leave the baking soda on overnight to allow it to absorb the odour. Vacuum thoroughly. If the smell lingers on the carpet, use a commercial deodorising powder on it, then vacuum.

Spray a deodorising fragrance throughout the room. Make sure the spray does not simply mask the odour. The spray should deodorise the room.

Things You'll Need

  • Fans
  • Cleaning solution
  • Baking soda
  • Deodorising cleaner
  • Deodorising spray
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