How to Reset a Horstmann Immersion Digital Timer

Updated February 21, 2017

A Horstmann electronic water heater contains an immersion digital timer that turns the heater on and off according to settings entered during the timer's initial set-up. The timer ensures you have hot water each day and even lets you override the settings in the event extra hot water is needed during the day. When problems develop, including the Horstmann immersion digital timer's display freezing or the device not working properly, you can reset the timer to clear the issue and return the device to a working state.

Press and hold the “Boost,” “Minus,” “Plus” and “Select” buttons on your

Horstmann immersion digital timer at the same time.

Release the buttons when the hour value on the timer begins flashing.

Press the “Minus” and “Plus” buttons to set your Horstmann immersion digital timer's hour and minute settings.

Press “Select” to finalise the time. Your Horstmann immersion digital timer is now reset.


The word “Run” will also display on the left-hand side of the timer's display indicating your Horstmann immersion digital timer is out of the time setting mode and is in a working state.

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