How to Get an Acting Agent in London

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are interested in becoming an actor in London, you should find an acting agent in London. An agent represents you and will work to get you auditions for various productions. Whether you are already living in London, or plan on moving to the British city, the steps to take are all the same. If you live in another country, you stand a better chance of getting an agent in London if you have some previous work experience as an actor.

Take acting classes to hone your craft. You can either take an acting workshop, ongoing acting classes or join a theatre company. Acting coaches can also provide information on agents and how to get one. provides a large listing of acting schools and drama classes in and around London. Agents like seeing representing actors that are constantly working on their craft. Sometimes agents will scout for talent by going to see various productions set up by acting schools.

Search for the correct agent. Do you want to act in commercials, on television, on film or in the theatre? Some London agents specialise in certain areas and others are across the board, meaning that they cover all aspects of the acting industry.

Pose for headshots that can be used as ''business cards''. A professional photographer can take headshots of you. Headshots are 8-inch x 10-inch photographs that will give potential agents an idea of what you look like. Make sure that your headshot actually looks like you.

Compile all your acting experience into an acting resume. On your resume you want to mention any productions that you were in. You also want to mention any acting training that you have had and any pertinent special skills you may possess.

Search on the Internet or through London newspapers for advertisements of agencies looking for new talent.

Mail you headshot with your resume stapled on the back to the acting agent of your choice. The website first4london gives information about various London agents and also links to their website. London agents often mention on their website how to submit your information to them if you want to be considered for representation. Make sure to follow the given guidelines.

Prepare yourself for the interview with the interested agent. They will ask you to tell them about yourself and you may have to audition for them. When they call you in for the interview, make sure to ask what will be expected of you.


Practice caution during your search because there are many scams out there. If an agent asks you to pay them in order to represent you, walk the other way. Agents only get paid when you get paid from the work they book you

Things You'll Need

  • headshots
  • resume
  • manila envelopes
  • stamps
  • computer with Internet
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