How to grow carrots in grow bags

Updated April 17, 2017

Container gardening is cheap and easy. Carrots respond well to container growing. Choose a grow bag at least 60 cm (2 feet) deep to plant in. Carrots are a simple crop and using a grow bag makes the process even easier, as there is little risk for pests. Also, if the weather becomes too cold you can bring the grow bag inside.

Open up the grow bag to its full dimensions and fill it almost to the top with compost. Carrots do not like tough or stony soil. A soft compost with peat added is an ideal environment for your carrots.

Dig a small hole with your finger (approximately 2.5 cm or 1-inch deep) and insert one carrot seed. Continue this process until you have covered the entire grow bag. Because carrots are long and slim, they can be grown close to one another. Grow bags give you an opportunity to play and experiment with growing vegetables. You can try out planting carrots in small rows or in a large circle or spiral in your grow bag.

Water the soil after planting the carrots and fertilise weekly with a water-soluble liquid fertiliser.

Keep the grow bag in a sunny and warm spot and move it indoors if there is a threat of frost.

Plant carrots outdoors in spring and start to harvest the mature carrots from June into autumn. Use a garden fork to loosen the soil around the carrots to unearth them.


Store extra carrots in a dark and dry cupboard.

Things You'll Need

  • Grow bag
  • Carrot seeds
  • Compost
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