How to Make a Rent to Own Document for Free

Potential business deals fall through when both parties do not document their mutually-agreed upon terms. Ensure a smooth business transaction by putting every detail in writing. If any terms are broken, contracts allow both parties to seek legal recourse. In the past, drawing up contracts was an expensive process. Today, the Internet provides many options for those who wish to design a rent-to-own document for free.

Review document websites. Choose a site that allows free review of its document database. Some require that you create a profile to have access to the documents. Seek out rent-to-own documents. and offer free, rent-to-own contracts that can be edited for your personal use.

Customise your document. Enter information for your specific contract. Editing methods vary depending on the site. Some sites require that you copy, then paste the contract to a word processing document on your computer for editing. Some sites offer a document wizard. Answer questions and the contract is automatically filled in before you print it out.

Print out your document once it has been customised to your needs.


Have self-made legal documents reviewed by a lawyer to ensure their validity.

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