How to Write on Grip Tape

Updated April 17, 2017

Grip tape is a sandpaper like material with an adhesive backing that can be applied to a skateboard, scooter or the pegs of a BMX bike to provide a friction surface for your feet. You can use liquid corrective pens, fine-point permanent markers or paint markers to write on grip tape. You will need to use bright colours to write on black grip tape, or other contrasting colours if you are writing on coloured grip tape.

Write on grip tape using a liquid corrective pen designed to write over or cover-up mistakes made on paper.

Stroke the grip tape gently with the corrective pen, writing only individual letters or small words at a time. This will help keep the tip of the corrective pen firm.

Shake the corrective pen between letters to keep the pen from drying out. Refrain from touching the wet grip tape for two hours or until the writing is dry.

Choose a fine-point permanent marker to write on coloured grip tape. Use dark colours to write on bright grip tape, or bright colours to write on black or dark grip tape.

Use firm strokes to write on the grip tape. Going back over the markings several times with the same colour marker will help to increase the visibility of the writing on the grip tape.

Let the grip tape dry overnight. Refrain from touching the grip tape while it is drying to prevent the writing from smearing.

Use a paint marker to write long-lasting and fast drying words on grip tape. Select a colour that contrasts with the colour of the grip tape. Neon paint markers work best for writing on black grip tape, while black markers work best for all other colours of grip tape.

Keep the paint marker at a vertical slant while writing on the grip tape, shaking the paint marker to distribute more paint to the tip of the marker as needed.

Let the painted grip tape dry for one hour. If you wish to paint over areas of the grip tape that have already been painted, allow the painted grip tape to dry overnight.


Placing stickers on the skateboard deck before putting on the grip tape and then using a razor to remove the grip tape that covers the sticker is another popular way to personalise a skateboard.


Do not use heat to speed up the drying process, this will break the grip tape's adhesive bond and cause the grip tape to peel off of the skateboard. Do not use wax, chalk or spray paint to write on grip tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid corrective pen
  • Fine-point permanent marker
  • Paint marker
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