How to fix dents in wood floors

Updated February 21, 2017

Real wood floors have a lot of advantages over other types of flooring, but one disadvantage is that they will gouge or dent if you drop something hard and heavy on them. Luckily, repairing hardwood floor dents isn’t that complicated. Your local home improvement store has wood putty in a variety of shades that can fill in the dent and polyurethane gloss to cover it so it matches the rest of the floor.

Fold a piece of fine sand paper in a square. Use the sharp edge of the corner of the square to buff out the inside of the dent and the area immediately around it, for about 1/4 inch onto the undented surface of the floor. Get the dent smooth and free of gloss of loose residue.

Scoop up a small bit of wood putty with a putty knife and press it into the dent. Press it in tightly, letting it mound up slightly. Let it set for a day.

Buff the dried putty with sand paper to get it flat and even with the floor. Wipe the dust.

Brush a thin layer of polyurethane over the dried putty and about 1/4 inch around it, covering all parts of the surface that were de-glossed. Let the gloss dry for about four hours.

Lightly buff the new gloss with sand paper, dulling it so the next coat will adhere. Wipe off the dust. Brush on a second layer of gloss. Let it dry for four hours.

Dull the second layer with a light sanding and apply a third and final layer of gloss. Let it dry overnight.

Things You'll Need

  • Fine sand paper
  • Wood putty (same colour as the floor)
  • Putty knife
  • Polyurethane gloss
  • Small brush
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