How to Reset a Furby

Written by zeus tyrone mendoza | 13/05/2017

The Furby is an automated electronic toy that can sense a number of commands and learn many tricks. For example, you can rub its tummy, pat its back, clap your hands for it, or even hug the Furby to get it to perform kisses and songs. The Furby is so unique that you can even give it a name to respond to. Sometimes the Furby might operate poorly with some errors involved, but you can easily fix it with a couple of reset methods.

Turn the Furby upside-down and locate the reset button. It is below the battery compartment.

Press the reset button with a thin instrument like a pen or pencil. Sit the Furby right-side up.

Wait for the Furby to complete its special dance. This is an automated sequence that helps to fix what is wrong with the Furby toy. It will be ready to use once the dance is complete.

Flip your Furby over so that you see the battery compartment. Open the battery cover by removing the screw with a small screwdriver.

Take out the four AA batteries and wait a few moments. Put the batteries back or insert a new set of batteries.

Close the battery cover back in place and place the screw back into its slot. Tighten the screw and then let the Furby do its special dance. Once it has finished its dance, the Furby is ready for use again.

Things you need

  • Small screwdriver

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