How to Tell If a Pen Is a Real Montblanc Pen

Updated November 21, 2016

The Montblanc pen company sells several different fountain pen styles, including the Meisterstuck, Starwalker, Boehme and Etoile de Montblanc, among others. These pens are prized among fountain pen enthusiasts and collectors due to their high quality, materials and attention to detail. As with many other luxury items, there are reproductions on the market for sale but there are a few methods to help assist in the identification of an authentic Montblanc pen.

Look at the top of the pen cap for a star with six points. If there is no star, the star is blurred or has a different number of points, the pen is probably not an authentic Montblanc. In addition, look at the box that came with the pen. The box should have a white snowflake star with crisp edges and even colour.

Examine the barrel of the pen in good light. Montblanc pens are made with expensive materials, including platinum, diamond and gold, and the resin should shine and reflect light well. If the barrel looks uneven in colour or dull, the pen may be a fake.

Find a serial number located on the right-hand side of the clip ring. Note that serial numbers have been used by Montblanc only since 1991. Pens before 1991 do not have serial numbers. However, all Montblanc pens bear the word “Pix”, which is the company trademark.

Look at the metal tip on the end of the pen. This is called the nib, which is where the ink flows. Find the number 4810 on the nib. 4810 feet is the height of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain. If you cannot find the number on the nib, the pen is probably not authentic.

Know your price point. Montblanc pens typically cost £162 and up. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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