How to Make a Huge Family Tree Chart?

A detailed family tree can give everyone in the family a comprehensive view of their ancestors. These charts are often stored away online or in an album. Looking over the entirety of the information available can be confusing and small charts aren't able to offer as clear a view as a larger chart can. Making a huge family tree chart will create a stunning visual of your ancestry that can be put on permanent display or pulled out to share on special occasions such as a family reunion.

Collect extensive information on your family tree. Begin with one individual as the focal point of the chart. This is often yourself. From there, collect the names of ancestors as well as descendants. You also may want to include dates of birth and death and pictures of each person.

Sketch out your family tree chart on a piece of paper as you work. Ancestors will appear above the central person on the tree while descendants appear below. When the paper that you are working on is full and you can no longer add to the tree, begin a new paper. On the new sheet, the uppermost person from the previous chart will become the bottom and centre of the next chart, providing room for you to continue adding ancestors to the tree.

Enter the information you have collected into a computer program or genealogy website. Free programs and sites are available to help you with the most basic family tree charts. You can typically access additional features with a paid membership.

Send your completed family tree chart to a printing company to have a huge chart created for you. Depending on the printer, you may need to export your tree to a GEDCOM file. Companies that specialise in printing huge family tree charts will be able to provide you with a neat, readable and professional-looking chart on a continuous roll of paper. This can be stored safely in your home or displayed on a wall.

Things You'll Need

  • Information on family members
  • Pictures of family members
  • Paper, letter size or legal size
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