How to Start a Home Locksmith Business

Updated February 21, 2017

A home locksmith business is an ideal venture for a skilled entrepreneur who enjoys hands-on work. A home locksmith business provides home security solutions for homeowners. Lock installation can be a troublesome task for homeowners because it requires attention to detail, specific tools and some degree of skill. A handy entrepreneur can purchase lock-installation equipment, put together a list of services and launch a home locksmith business with even a limited start-up budget.

Research the market for a home locksmith business in your area. Determine if there is existing competition. Consider ways to plan your business so that you can compete in the market. Research your target demographic and determine how to best serve its needs.

Write a detailed business plan based on your research. Define your business goals in a well-thought-out mission statement. Describe your business in detail. Include the required equipment and skills, an analysis of the market and your competition, and financial projections for your first year in business. Attach any documents necessary to form your business at the end of your plan. The plan should detail your first year in business. Go back after a year and revise the plan to reflect your business at that time.

Fill out and file a business and tax registration form as well as other forms that are required at your local and state level. A home locksmith business may require a permit or license. Check with local and state officials for specific regulations in your area.

Meet with an insurance agent in your area to discuss options for insuring your business. A residential locksmith business requires liability coverage as well as insurance to cover any injuries you may incur on a job site. Another consideration is theft or damage of your tools. Explain your business in detail so that the agent can put together a plan that covers every aspect of your business.

Equip yourself with locksmith tools. You may be able to purchase a locksmith set that includes the standard hole and lock templates, hole saws and drill bits. Select a line of locks that you can recommend to your customers based on quality and amount of variety. Be prepared to install other brands of locks based on customer preference. Get catalogues from your supplier so that you can show homeowners a wide variety of locks when they are having trouble finding one they like.

Read manuals to build your locksmith skills. If necessary, take a class, seminar or workshop to become proficient in installation and lock maintenance. As a home locksmith, you need to be able to install, repair and replace locks. Be sure that you can offer expert service to your customers prior to starting your business.

Advertise your business in local newspapers and telephone directories. Join your local chamber of commerce.


Provide expert service for homeowners to build a strong reputation within your community.


Make sure that you have outlined your services prior to starting a job.

Things You'll Need

  • Business plan
  • Legal/tax documents
  • Insurance
  • Locksmith tools
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