How to adjust hair clippers for a closer cut

Written by melissa mckean | 13/05/2017
How to adjust hair clippers for a closer cut
Hair clippers can be set to leave hair a variety of lengths. (hair image by petar Ishmeriev from

Hair clippers often are used for men's haircuts to add various levels of length to the hair. Hair clippers have settings that allow you to adjust the length of hair. You may use one setting to cut the hair on top and another setting to cut the hair around the neck and ears. Men's haircuts are much easier to do once you understand the various settings on the hair clippers. Once you have a few guidelines to follow, you can easily adjust the clipper settings and give a great haircut.

Discuss the type of haircut your client wants. Find out if he wants one length all over his hair or varying lengths on different parts of his head.

Set the clippers to the "Off" position and unplug them. Remove any clipper attachments and rid the attachment of any loose hair. Blow off the clippers to make sure there are no hairs hiding inside from previous haircuts.

Locate the clipper setting switch. Most clippers have a length adjustment switch located on the handle of the clippers, near the blade. General settings range from numbers 1 to 8. Setting 1 will clip hair to 1/8-inch long. Setting 2, will clip hair to 1/4-inch long. Setting 3 will clip hair to 3/8 inch and setting 4 will cut to 1/2 inch. The clippers may jump from number 4 to number 7. Level 7 will cut hair to 7/8 inch, and level 8 will cut hair to 1-inch long.

Slide the switch to the setting you prefer; then add the attachment to the clippers. If you are undecided between which setting to use, test a small section at the longer setting; that way you can lower the setting if necessary.

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