How to Disassemble Bonded PVC & ABS Pipe Fittings

Updated February 21, 2017

You've found a broken plastic pipe near a fitting in your plumbing system. The problem is that you can't repair it without jackhammering the concrete floor, or removing a large section of a wall structure. Modern plumbing-tool innovations have given us new ways to disassemble bonded PVC and ABS pipe fittings without major structural damage. The plastic pipe removal tool and the plastic fitting removal tool make plastic pipe repair fast and efficient.

Cut the plastic pipe as close to the fitting as possible with the plastic-pipe cutting tool.

Insert a plastic-pipe removal bit in the power drill.

Center the bit in the pipe and drill it out down to the base of the fitting. Remove all the plastic pipe slivers with a vacuum cleaner.

Cut off the PVC or ABS pipe flush with the fitting using a hacksaw or other plastic-pipe cutting tool.

Insert the fitting removal bit in the power drill.

Line up the bit with the pipe inside the fitting, turn on the drill and slowly push the tool into the pipe. When the fitting is completely removed from outside the pipe, pull the drill off the pipe and shut it off. Remove all debris with a vacuum.


Take your time when removing plastic pipe or fittings.


Wear eye protection when operating power equipment. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when operating any power tool.

Things You'll Need

  • Pipe cutting tool
  • Power drill
  • Pipe removal bit
  • Fitting removal bit
  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
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