How to replace a toilet rubber cone joint

Updated February 21, 2017

The rubber cone joint on a toilet allows the toilet to keep the water inside the tank. Over the course of a couple years the rubber cone can become cracked and withered. When this happens, you will find water leaking from the toilet onto the floor. Water damage to a bathroom can be a very costly expense when not handled in a timely fashion. Replacing this rubber cone will eliminate the chances of having water ruin your floor.

Shut the water to the toilet off at the water valve behind the tank. Turn it to the right to turn the water off.

Flush the toilet and let all of the water drain out of the tank.

Use a pair of pliers or a pipe wrench to take the water supply hose off of the toilet.

Take the tank lid off of the toilet and use a towel to soak up any remaining water.

Use a pipe wrench to unscrew the nuts holding the toilet tank bolts to the toilet. Remove the bolts from the inside of the tank after the nuts are loosened. Take the tank off of the toilet.

Turn the toilet tank upside down to gain access to the rubber cone on the bottom of the tank. Replace the old rubber cone with the new one.

Put the tank back onto the toilet and secure the bolts back in place to tighten the tank to the toilet bowl. Use your pipe wrench to make sure the tank is securely fastened.

Attach the water supply line back to the toil and open the valve by turning it to the left. Wait for the tank to fill back up.

Flush the toilet to make sure everything is working properly.

Things You'll Need

  • Pipe wrench
  • Towel
  • New rubber cone
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