How to make a campfire grill

Cooking over a campfire is one of the best parts of camping trips. The foods seem to taste so much better in the great outdoors, probably because most people are ravenous after all the exercise and fresh air. Many people take portable gas or charcoal barbecues on their camping trips, but creating a campfire grill is straightforward and takes few supplies. Camping doesn't mean that your only meal options are sausages or marshmallows cooked over a roaring fire on the end of a stick.

Dig a fire pit with a small shovel so that it will support the metal grill grate. If your fire pit is too large, the grate will fall into the fire.

Create enough depth so that the pit is at least 30 cm (1 foot) deep or more. This will allow you to build a fire large enough to cook your food efficiently, but the flames will not be so close that everything chars and burns.

Place your metal grate several centimetres above the flames. Alternately, if you tire of digging a large enough hole, you can use large, sturdy rocks to build a support wall around the fire pit. The rocks will keep the cooking pot or frying pan high enough from the flames to cook your food well.


Rrecycle an old metal grill grate from discarded portable grills, or buy a round or square metal grill grate from camping supply or discount shops. Often, these type grills will fold to transport easily in a backpack.

At a pinch, you can use old baking and cooling racks from your kitchen for a campfire grill. They are made to withstand high temperatures.


Build your campfire grill away from your tent area and in a safe area.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal grill grate or old baking rack
  • Small shovel
  • Heavy cooking pot or frying pan
  • Matches
  • Charcoal or firewood
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