How to Winterize Your Above Ground Intex Swimming Pool

Updated February 21, 2017

Winterising a pool that is above ground is different from winterising an in-ground swimming pool. The popular Intex above ground swimming pools come in many styles and some of these pools will need to be winterised since they cannot be taken down and stored during the winter months. Though winterising varies slightly depending on the exact climate and location, there are basic requirements that all above ground swimming pools will need to withstand the winter months.

Remove all pool accessories. This includes any accessories that came with the pool and any accessories that were purchased separate from the pool. Ladders, skimmers or other removable pieces should be taken down to store.

Add winter chemicals to the pool. The specific winter cleaning chemicals used will depend on the area and the climate conditions typical to the area. Any local pool supply can suggest the appropriate chemicals for the climate. These chemicals will clean the pool in preparation for the winter.

Drain the pool. The lining of the pool should be completely dry, so dry off the lining completely.

Clean all of the pool parts, including the pump, hose and filter. These should have all water removed and should be cleaned and dried for winter storage. Place these parts and all accessories in storage where the temperature will not drop too far.

Put the Intex cover on the pool. The Intex cover the comes with the pool is not a safety cover, so regions that get heavy snowfall might need to purchase and add a safety cover as well. A pool supply company will usually have safety covers appropriate for the region and can determine if the safety cover is needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Winter pool chemicals
  • Pool cover
  • Optional safety cover
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