How to make homemade BBQ grills

Updated April 17, 2017

A homemade barbecue grill is an easy way to cook food during the warm months of the year. Fish, steak, chicken and an assortment of vegetables can be grilled on a relatively simple homemade barbecue. You can create these grills using only a few materials bought from a DIY centre, builders' merchant or hardware shop. Within an hour, you can build a homemade barbecue grill.

Identify an area to build the homemade barbecue grill. Select an area that has a hard, even surface and is away from vegetation. Place the outdoor grill close to a structure, such as a house, garage or shed, to help block wind that might affect the cooking process.

Place three breeze blocks 30 cm (1 foot apart) from each other in a vertical upright position to form the supporting blocks for the base. Use a tape measure to set the breeze blocks apart.

Place two breeze blocks horizontally across the top of the first supporting block and half of the second supporting block to create the first half of the base. Place another two breeze blocks in the same way across the second half of the second supporting block and third supporting block to create the second half of the base. A total of four breeze blocks will be horizontally placed on top of the supporting breeze blocks to form the base of the barbecue which will hold the heating element.

Place one breeze block vertically upright at each end of the base. These two breeze blocks will hold the cooking grate in place.

Place the stainless steel cooking grate across the top two breeze blocks of the barbecue. Use charcoal or wood as a heating element for the homemade barbecue. Place the heating source on top of the base blocks towards the centre.


Carry and lift only one breeze block at a time to reduce stress on your body.

Use a hand cart to wheel breeze blocks over long distances.


Wear gloves while handling the building materials to protect your hands.

Things You'll Need

  • Nine breeze blocks
  • Tape measure
  • Stainless steel cooking grate
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