How to Admit Someone to a Nursing Home

Updated April 17, 2017

Admitting a beloved family member or close friend to a nursing home is a difficult time for everyone involved. Wondering if you've found the right home that fits the needs of the individual as well as his budget (or yours) can be emotionally draining. This process is a huge undertaking so be sure to ask for support and help from others.

Fill out the Nursing Home Admission Agreement. This contract notifies new residents of the rules and regulations that they will have to live by in their new home. If the resident cannot sign it herself, then a legal guardian or representative with power of attorney can sign it. Even if you don't legally represent the patient, you can sign it, but be aware of any financial obligations that go along with signing such a document.

Make sure the patient's doctor has filled out the state-required form that states the patient needs a nursing care facility. This form should be available at the nursing home.

Provide a list from the patient's current physician of all of the medications the patient is taking, how often, and in what dosages. Also put into writing any other special medical conditions that the nursing home doctors and staff should be aware of.

Have the patient's doctor perform a physical and relay the paperwork to the nursing home's physician, who needs to know the patient's medical history and that the patient is free of contagious diseases like tuberculosis (TB).

Make sure you have proof that the patient can meet the financial obligations of the nursing home. Whether he is using insurance or savings to help pay for care, ensure that you have all available paperwork.


Make sure that you get copies of all paperwork for your own personal records.

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