DIY Crafts Using Glass Blocks

Updated February 21, 2017

Glass blocks are such a popular crafting material that companies manufacture and sell pre-cut glass blocks specifically for the crafting industry; it’s no longer necessary to drill holes in a glass block designed for home construction. Many different do-it-yourself projects you can make with glass blocks are available. Paint the outside with glass paint, fill the inside with twinkle lights and create a decorative night light or garden light. Découpage a photo inside the face of the block and add lights to make a distinctive frame. Vases, wall art and sun catchers are a few more DIY crafts you can make using glass blocks.

Cover a work surface with soft fabric. The fabric will protect the glass block from scratching. Place the glass block face up on the fabric-covered work surface.

Cut the desired rub-on transfers from the large sheet. Rub-on transfers are vinyl stickers that may be colourful, such as a decorative flower or butterfly, or single-coloured letters and words. Decorate the glass block with inspirational words or phrases combined with a decorative image border. You also can randomly place the vinyl images over the face and back of the block or centre a word or phrase on the glass without the decorative border.

Position the vinyl word or phrase face down in the centre of the face of the glass block. Rub the transfer paper with the stylus to press the image onto the glass. Remove the paper backing.

Position and rub the smaller images around the border of the face of the glass block. Space the images as you like, one at a time. Remove and discard the transfer paper backing after transferring each image.

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 on the back side of the glass block, if you like.

Stand the glass block upright with the pre-cut hole at the top. Remove the hole cover. Line a 2-inch layer of one colour of sand on the bottom of the inside of the block.

Layer a different-coloured 2-inch wide section of sand on top of the bottom layer. Repeat this step with one more sand colour. The sand creates a background for the images and the words on the outside of the glass block. You also could use coloured marbles.

Fill the glass block with alternating layers of coloured sand to within a half inch from the top.

Insert three long-stemmed silk flowers into the hole at the top of the glass block, through the sand to the bottom of the glass block. You can place as many flowers as will fit in the space, if you like. If the stems are too long, remove the flowers and trim the stems with wire cutters.


Paint the glass block with glass paint or stained glass paint as a background colour for the vinyl rub-on stickers.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric
  • Pre-drilled glass block
  • Run-on transfers
  • Sand, 3 colours
  • 3 long-stemmed silk flowers
  • Wire cutters
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