Natural remedy for eyebrow regrowth

Updated November 21, 2016

Eyebrows protect eyes by keeping out unwanted moisture, such as perspiration or rain water. However, well-groomed eyebrows can do a lot to enhance your appearance. There are a number of reasons why eyebrow hair might vanish: reaction to medication such as chemotherapy or antibiotics, over plucking, fungal infection, thyroid malfunction, or hormone imbalance. Regardless of the reason, you can regrow your eyebrows, but the process is painfully slow, generally taking three to four months. A variety of essential oils can be used to facilitate the growth process, giving you new eyebrows in about eight weeks.


Essential thyme oil is extracted from common garden thyme. Thyme oil contains a chemical compound known as thymol which functions as an astringent, aromatic, anti-fungal and antiseptic. When applied to the eyebrows, it counteracts enzyme activity, which may contribute to hair loss, and it improves circulation to the treated area, which stimulates hair growth.


Rosemary is an aromatic herb and medicinal oil which can be used to alleviate hair growth issues, both on the scalp and elsewhere. Rosemary essential oil contains caffeic acid; a powerful antioxidant which not only aids in the removal of toxins, it increases blood flow to any area in which it is applied. This combination of effects promotes the growth of hair and helps to balance any topical disorders which may be negatively impacting hair follicle development.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils. Many people enjoy the aroma, which is said to be relaxing, while others use it to ease itchiness, relieve pain, kill bacteria or even get rid of pests such as fleas and lice. Used topically to help eyebrows regrow, lavender oil will help to nourish emerging hair and revive damaged or existing growth. It encourages healing of the skin at the cellular level, which can improve growth rates. As an added benefit, the fragrance can help to reduce stress which can have a negative effect on hair growth rates.


Cedarwood essential oil has an invigorating fragrance and cleansing properties. Its use on the eyebrows can help to strengthen the shaft of each hair and encourage new growth by cleansing the skin. In addition to removing oil which may be clogging hair follicles, it hydrates and moisturises the surrounding tissues.


To use these oils, mix 10 drops of essential oil into 12 ml (2 teaspoons) of carrier oil such as jojoba or grapeseed oil, effectively diluting the essential oils making them safe for direct application to the skin. Use one essential oil or use them in combination. Mix the oil in one drop at a time, stirring to thoroughly combine the two. Then moisten a cotton swab with the oil blend and brush the swab against the eyebrows. Apply oil at least twice a day to achieve the best results.

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