How to Write an Essay on Patient Assessment

Updated April 17, 2017

Patient assessment is the act of evaluating the physical and mental state of a patient in order to understand how to treat him properly. This method is important whether providing care to a patient at the scene of an accident or during regular medical examinations. You can write an essay on patient assessment in order to comprehend the process better, and to explain the proper steps necessary for successful assessment. In order to write an essay, create an outline, define patient assessment, list the steps then write the final paper.

Create an outline. In order to write an essay on patient assessment, you should plan how you want to write it. Create an introduction heading, body paragraph headings, and a conclusion heading. Underneath each heading, write notes about what you want to write in that paragraph. For example, under the conclusion heading, you can write notes about how patient assessment helps patients receive the proper treatment.

Define patient assessment. Include how patient assessment involves the analysis of both the mental and physical conditions of the individual. Both states are important in this analysis because certain physical symptoms can indicate mental affects.

Explain the initial analysis of the scene. The essay on patient assessment should describe how you analyse the scene in order to determine how to treat the patients. You must record the dangerous elements of the scene, count the number of injured victims, and determine if any other life-support methods should be used.

Describe the processes associated with the initial assessment. Discuss the processes that occur as you determine the type of illnesses or injuries present. During the initial assessment, you should record the age of the patient, whether the patient is responsive, open the airway of the patient, check to see if the patient is breathing, and check for a pulse. Based on the initial assessment, you can categorise the patient as either stable, potentially unstable, unstable or critical.

Discuss the focused physical exam. If the patient is stable you must perform the focused physical exam. This exam is directed toward their specific ailment.

Describe the rapid medical assessment. In the essay. State that you perform the rapid medical assessment if the patient is categorised as either potentially unstable, unstable or critical. When you give a rapid medical assessment, you examine the body for burns, deformities, lacerations, tenderness, swelling, contusions, punctures and penetrations.

Write the patient assessment essay. When you write the rough draft, use your outline as a guide. After you finish writing, proofread your essay and fix any mistakes that you may have. When you proofread, read the essay out loud.

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