How to Wear a Wedding Veil & Tiara

Updated July 20, 2017

Wearing both a veil and a tiara makes the traditional bridal headpiece, a veil, look more modern and the bride appear regal. This is the bride's day, the spotlight is on her, and the tiara reinforces that with added sparkle. However, it is important to fit the style of tiara with not only the veil, but the wedding dress and the bride's stature and facial shape. Wear the entire wedding ensemble when selecting a tiara and veil to ensure the most complementary headpieces are chosen.

Attach the veil to the top of the head just behind the hair's part or over the crown of the head. If the veil has a comb attached, hold the comb horizontally, concave side up.

Rotate the comb forward, securing it in the hair with the concave side facing down. Reinforce the comb with hair clips if desired.

Place the tiara on the head at a 45-degree angle. Slide the tiara back on the head so that there is no space between the tiara and the veil. If the tiara has pin holes at the ends, use hair clips to make the tiara extra snug.

Attach the veil under the bottom of the updo using the comb attached to the veil as directed in Section One, or with hair clips if the veil does not have a comb attached.

Place the tiara on the head at a 45-degree angle and slide it all the way back until it is right up against the front of the updo.

Secure veil and tiara to hair as needed.


Simple hairstyles work best for wearing a veil and a tiara together. Make sure the tiara and veil go together in size and style. Either buy the veil first and match the tiara to it or buy both pieces from the same store. If possible, attach the veil and tiara to make it one single piece. This can be accomplished by sewing them together yourself, or asking the bridal store to sew them together for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Veil
  • Tiara
  • Hair clips
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