Decorating Pew Ends

Church pews frequently are decorated to enhance the aisle where the bride and groom walk when approaching the church altar. Because pews generally are plain wood, they make a good backdrop for the addition of tulle, ribbons, flowers and all types of decorations. These contribute to the festive atmosphere of the wedding. Usually the bride will select a wedding theme that is expressed throughout the event, including in the church and on the ends of the pews.

Discuss with your church event manager any restrictions there might be on what can be attached to the sides of the pews. Some churches will not allow glass containers and most will not allow open candle flames. Often the church will have weight restrictions or may require the use of a particular type of attachment so the pews won't be damaged.

Plan to decorate the church based on the church's schedule. It is important to have all of the elements of your decoration prepared well before your decorating period. Many churches have more than one wedding in a day and your team may only have a short time to install your arrangements. Design your pew decorations to be fast and easy to put up.

Choose decorations that set a celebratory mood and mirror the theme of the wedding. If you are having a very traditional wedding, you may want to use tulle streamers tied to a spray of flowers. If your wedding has a Western theme, you might select loops of rope and a spray of country flowers as your pew decoration. Other themes might include the use of: balloons, ribbons, Asian or medieval decor, fairies, hearts, angels and more. Use flowers, trim and other elements in colours that match the wedding party.

Keep in mind that some of your guests may be elderly and try not to block the pew aisles with streamers or ribbons. Or, set aside several special rows for those less abled so they can enjoy your wedding without navigating the decorations.

Assign a decorating team whose sole job on the wedding day is to put up and remove decorations from the church. Make sure they have all the help they need to complete your decorations before the church opens to welcome guests. Make sure they have a plan so no one is guessing what should be placed where in the church.


Try not to select objects young guests will think are toys and try to play with. Often large bows work well with just a few flowers pinned to them. Keep your selections festive, elegant and simple.

Things You'll Need

  • Tulle streamers
  • Ribbons
  • Floral sprays
  • Balloons
  • Western rope
  • Asian decorations
  • Medieval decorations
  • Fairy decorations
  • Hearts
  • Angels
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