How to Improve Reception by Telescopic Antenna on Your Radio

Updated February 21, 2017

Many portable radios and boom boxes have a telescoping antenna mounted on them. These antennas can be retracted when the radio is not in use, and then extended when you're using the radio. The position and the length of the antenna will have an important effect on the quality of the signal you receive when you're using the radio.

Unclip the tip of the antenna from the body of the radio. Most radios have a small plastic clip that holds the antenna securely against the body of the radio when it's not in use. Grasp the end of the antenna and pull it firmly away from the radio to unclip it.

Pull on the end of the antenna to extend it fully. Orient the antenna vertically so it's facing straight up and down.

Turn on the radio and set the frequency to the radio station you're attempting to receive.

Grasp the end of the antenna and slowly move it through its range of motion until you receive the clearest signal from the radio.

Things You'll Need

  • Radio with telescoping antenna
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