How to Fix a Garage Door that Sticks

A garage door requires periodic adjustments just like any other door or window in the home. One common problem is a garage door that sticks when opening or closing. This happens especially with wooden garage door in the winter. Fixing a garage door that sticks usually requires making adjustments to the door track and hinges. The vertical tracks on the door jamb adjust slightly to allow the door to move away from the jamb, where most sticking problems occur.

Close the garage door and engage the door lock. Tighten all of the garage door hinge securing screws with either a 7/16-inch wrench or 3/8 inch wrench, depending on the hex head your garage door uses. A loose hinge, especially on the sides of the door, will cause binding issues.

Inspect each of the garage door rollers for damage. Sometimes you will find only a stem remains where a roller broke off. Purchase replacement rollers at a home improvement centre. Use a wrench to remove the hex head screws securing the hinge of the faulty roller. Remove the hinge and the faulty roller from the door. Pull what is left of the faulty roller out of the hinge sleeve, and insert the new roller into the hinge. Position the roller inside the door track and set the hinge flush against the door panel. Tighten the hinge to the door with the securing hex head screws.

Look at the spacing between the end of the door and the inside of the door track on each side. The spacing should be 1/2 inch between the door edge and the inside edge of the track. If the track is less than 1/2 inch away from the door edge, the door will stick. Loosen the lag bolt securing the track bracket to the wall near the area that requires adjusting with a 7/16-inch wrench.

Place the blade of a flathead screwdriver on the inside of the track bracket. Tap the screwdriver handle with a hammer to move the bracket away from the door as necessary. Tighten the lag bolt to secure the track bracket to the wall.

Look between the back of the track and the wall. Grab the sleeve of a hinge with your fingers and push in and out on the door. The door should have slight play between the door frame and the outside edge of the door. Loosen the nut securing the track bracket to the track with the 7/16-inch wrench. Pull the track away from the wall slightly, and tighten the securing bolt with the wrench. Weather, temperature and age can cause the wood jambs to swell, which causes the garage door to stick.


Do not make adjustments to the bottom bracket or bottom roller. The door cable attaches to the bottom bracket and is under extreme tension. Call a service professional if repairs or adjustments a re necessary on the bottom bracket.

Things You'll Need

  • 7/16-inch wrench
  • 3/8 inch wrench
  • Replacement rollers
  • Flathead screwdriver
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