How to Register With a NHS Dentist

Updated March 23, 2017

The NHS (National Health Service) in Scotland offers basic dental treatment to those who cannot afford private treatment. Non-essential or aesthetic procedures are not covered by the NHS. Not all dentists accept NHS patients, but in most cases with NHS dentists, there are support schemes in place to assist those on benefits or the unemployed, to pay for their treatments. If the dentist in your area accepts NHS patients and has not reached their quota, it is likely that you will be accepted.

Find out which NHS Board you currently reside within by visiting the NHS website or phoning their helpline.

Contact the relevant board and ask for a list of NHS dentists in your area.

Choose a dentist and visit the practice, stating that you would like to have NHS dental treatment.


Keep your dentist up to date with your personal details (if you move house, etc). You may be eligible for free NHS dental treatment, ask your dentist or phone the NHS helpline.

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