How to Remove an Old Rusted Toilet Seat

New toilet seats usually have plastic screws and bolts that hold them securely in place. Some older toilet seats may have been held in place by metal screws, which can rust. This not only can leave the toilet seat looking bad, but it also may make it harder to remove the seat. The first step to replacing an old ugly toilet seat with a new beautiful one is to remove the old one. This can be accomplished by following a straightforward procedure.

Locate the screws on the back of the toilet seat that secure it to the toilet bowl. There may be caps that have to be pried off with a screwdriver to reveal the screws. Feel underneath to locate the bolts that are attached to the end of the screw that stick through the bottom of the bowl.

Spray a lubricant like PB Blaster on the top of the screws and on the bolts underneath. PB Blaster is designed to loosen rusted screws and bolts. Ensure that you soak the screws and bolts with the lubricant. Let the lubricant set for 20 minutes.

Grasp the bolt underneath the toilet with a pair of pliers and turn the screw on top with a screwdriver. If there is no movement, hold the screw steady with the screwdriver and try to turn the bolt with the pliers. The screw should start to twist out of the bolt. It may take some effort, but the screw will slowly disengage from the bolt.

Soak everything again with PB Blaster if the screw refuses to turn. Let it set again for 20 minutes and work it with the pliers and screwdriver until it starts to turn.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Lubricant (PB blaster or similar product)
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