How to rid a crawl space of a fox

Look at pictures of foxes and you might think that these little animals are too cute to be dangerous. In actuality, foxes cause a number of problems, including carrying diseases like rabies. Foxes also eat smaller animals outside, including chickens, and can attack smaller dogs and even children. When a fox takes up residence in your crawlspace, you have to worry about smaller issues, such as the animal getting into your home, eating food in your kitchen or even eating the food belonging to your pets.

Use ultrasonic sound emitters. These machines emit a low frequency that only foxes and other animals can hear. The sound repels the fox, causing it to leave the crawlspace and go back outside. Make sure the fox has a way to escape the crawlspace before using the machine.

Rip an old bed sheet into strips and soak overnight in ammonia. Leave the sheets sitting near one exit to the crawlspace. Block off all other exits except for one. The scent of the ammonia repels the fox and it should leave through the other exit. If you use the strips near the only entrance, the fox might try to escape into your home.

Pour mothballs into your crawlspace. Mothballs have a scent that foxes dislike and they'll run away to get away from the scent. Pour the mothballs through an open hole into your crawlspace, leaving the fox an escape route.

Combine poison with leftover food and leave the mixture sitting inside the entrance to your crawlspace. Use rat poison or any other poison meant to kill pests. Leave the mixture sitting inside your crawlspace. The fox will find it when searching for food and die after eating it.

Catch the fox with a special fox trap. Fox traps are the most harmless and fastest way to get rid of foxes in your crawlspace. Set up the trap near the entrance to the crawlspace and bait with leftover food. The fox goes inside to get the food, and the trap closes around the animal.


Buy fox repellent online and use it to scare away the animal. The fox should leave your crawlspace when it catches the scent. If you're worried about the fox attacking small children or your pets, call animal control, especially if you live in a residential area. Animal control can lay the proper traps and catch the animal with little interruption of your personal life.

Things You'll Need

  • Ultrasonic sound emitters
  • Bed sheet
  • Ammonia
  • Mothballs
  • Poison
  • Food
  • Fox trap
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