How to jump-start a car with a battery pack

Updated March 23, 2017

You can never be too careful when it comes to preparing for a dead battery in your vehicle. A dead car battery will prevent you from starting the engine as well as operating any electrically powered components inside. Although keeping a pair of jump leads in your vehicle is a helpful approach to jumping your dead car battery, they are useless unless you have access to another vehicle. A battery jump pack will allow you to quickly jump-start your vehicle without the need of another vehicle or jump leads, thanks to its on-board power supply.

Check to make sure that your vehicle's ignition is in the "OFF" position. Open your vehicle's hood and locate the battery. Make sure that the operation switch of your jumper pack is also set to the "OFF" position.

Connect the positive wire clamp of the jumper pack to the positive terminal of your vehicle's battery. Connect the negative wire clamp of the jumper pack to a suitable metal ground on the vehicle; do not connect the jumper pack's negative clamp directly to the battery's negative post. Make sure that all the cables are out of the way of any moving parts of the engine.

Turn the jumper pack's power switch on and make sure any power settings are set to the proper mode for vehicle starting. Check for any warning beeps or lights before attempting to start the vehicle.

Start the engine. When the vehicle has started, turn the jumper pack off and disconnect the negative jumper pack clamp from the metal grounding point. Disconnect the positive jumper pack clamp from the battery and stow the clamps back onto the jumper pack properly.

Close the bonnet of the vehicle and have your charging system diagnosed for problems. Periodically check the jumper pack's battery for adequate power and charge as necessary.


Check the jumper pack's battery level frequently during cold weather. Exercise caution when connecting the jump pack to the vehicle.


Never touch the negative and positive clamps of the jump pack together.

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