How to Play a Game From a Torrent File

Updated March 23, 2017

Torrents (or bittorrents) are part of a peer-to-peer file sharing system where large files can be shared online without a large demand on your computer. You can find many games online that you can download and play with the use of torrent software. Many types of media are shared in torrents, including movies, music, audiobooks and image files. You can find torrent software available for free from a reputable software site like CNET's Download (see Resources).

Locate the completed torrent file. You can check the options of your file sharing program for the location of saved torrent files. You will need to wait until the torrent is 100 per cent downloaded before you can play your game.

Install your game. If the game that you downloaded includes an instruction or read me file, refer to that for installation instructions. Often this will be a plain text file and included in your download. If it is an .exe file, first check it with your virus scanner and then (providing it is threat-free), click the file to launch the installer.

Burn the torrent file to disc. If the game that you downloaded is in ISO format, you will need to burn it to a disc or use a virtual drive before you can run and install it. An ISO is an exact image of the data on a CD or DVD. You can use any CD or DVD burning software to burn this image to a blank disc that will then run on your computer. If you prefer to use a virtual drive, you will need to mount the image and then access the virtual drive just like you would a regular external or internal drive.

Unzip the file. Sometimes torrents come in file archives like .zip, .rar or one of the other popular compression types. You will need to unpack the archive using a zip program like PKUnzip, WinZip or IZArc.

Click the game icon to launch your game. Once you've installed your game, a shortcut will be placed on your desktop or the program will be listed in the "All Programs" section of the Windows Start menu. You can select the program or click the shortcut to launch your game.


Downloading games that are copy protected is against the law. Only download freeware or shareware games. Many torrent files are infected with viruses and malware. Make sure that your computer is well protected before downloading and running any executable files.

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